Insights into careers in marketing

29 07 2022 by Original Campus News

Careers in marketing can provide terrific opportunities to express your creativity, voice and organisational and problem-solving skills where you get to witness tangible results.

Marketers are responsible for promoting a company and the product and services it sells. People who work in marketing typically organize and implement both inbound and outbound promotional campaigns that raise awareness of a brand and use marketing tactics to convince consumers to make a purchase from a company.’

One of the most exciting things about the marketing industry is that it is continually evolving, and marketing trends are always fresh, making it an interesting vocation to be in.

Jobs in marketing can span various industries. And ‘…marketing should be viewed as a profession with relevance across all industries. Furthermore, many individuals with marketing qualifications find employment in business-to-business (B2B) marketing roles, rather than in business-to-consumer (B2C) roles which can be perceived to be more prevalent across the marketing profession,’ a Deloitte whitepaper suggests.

What marketing jobs exist?

Marketing is such a broad industry that you can find any number of jobs that incorporate traditional and/or digital marketing in the mix. It’s also a great career choice because there is plenty of scope for progression in your career, as well as stepping sideways to try different roles and duties. So you’ll never be bored!

careers in marketing insights

Some example careers in marketing include:

  • Brand manager
  • Campaign manager
  • Content creator
  • Digital marketing officer
  • Digital marketing assistant
  • Marketing assistant
  • Market research officer
  • Public relations
  • Marketing analyst
  • SEO specialist
  • SEM specialist
  • Advertising manager
  • Email marketing manager
  • Social media manager

A marketing role may encompass many duties and tasks. Some of those tasks can include (but are not limited to):

  • planning, developing and organising advertising campaigns and marketing activities
  • understanding and organising activities to reach target markets and audiences
  • coordinating or undertaking artwork, copywriting, media scripting, television and film production and media placement
  • working out and implementing marketing objectives
  • advising on all elements of marketing such as product mix, pricing, advertising and sales promotion, selling, and distribution channels
  • coordinating or undertaking market research
  • grow and monitor brand
  • create content, marketing or advertising strategy
  • stakeholder management and communication
  • creating new campaign ideas
  • preparing sales, data and analytics reports
  • monitoring websites and their traffic
  • event management
  • client meetings and management
  • and many more duties.

Advertising and marketing professionals work in industries like:

  • professional, scientific and technical services
  • retail trade
  • financial and insurance services
  • manufacturing
  • and more.

Opportunities for careers in marketing

The marketing industry is as consistent as it is varied. And has possibly existed for thousands and thousands of years. So it’s not going away anytime soon.

In fact, it’s increasing, particularly with the rise of social media marketing jobs. Globally, marketing jobs saw a 63% increase over six months at the start of last year. careers in marketing jobs

Marketing and communications had more job ads listed on Seek in April 2021 than ever before. And had nearly a 10 per cent jump compared to the previous month. And is still increasing this year.

Plus, there is a projected nearly 10 per cent growth in marketing professionals until 2025. Or Labour Market Insights project an 11.4% future growth.

The National Skills Commission has identified that a Digital Marketing Specialist is one of the 25 validated emerging occupations in the Australian labour market. Meaning it’s a relatively new role frequently advertised and companies seek.

Careers in marketing earning potential

There is potential to earn a significant amount as you work your way up in a marketing in marketing salary

In fact, Seek has listed a marketing and communications director in the top 20 highest paying jobs at $173,939, which has risen 16% since 2021.

According to the National Skills Commission, the median weekly earnings in a marketing professional job is $1,644 to $2,133.

And the government’s Labour Market Insights states that advertising and marketing professionals’ average earning is $1,758 per week.

Get the advantage

So how can you position yourself well for a career in marketing?

It’s really important that you have a solid education that equips you with the practical skills to become a proficient marketer. Especially since ‘…the core mix of technical and creative skills underpinning marketing roles are still critical for success in the job market.’

What’s more, the average marketing salary is more than 23% higher for those with some college education, as opposed to those who have only graduated from high school as at 2019. So it’s wise to consider quality courses when planning your future career and earning capacity.

To enter an exciting career in marketing, study the nationally accredited Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication.


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