See What The Employers In Australia Are Looking For?

The job market today is highly competitive. No matter which industry you are working for or are planning to join, the applicants are way more than the number of jobs available in the market. In fact, on an average each vacancy in Australia receives.

The job market today is highly competitive. No matter which industry you are working for or are planning to join, the applicants are way more than the number of jobs available in the market. In fact, on an average each vacancy in Australia receives more than 19 applications, out of which three are interviewed. To stand out of the crowd and make your own place in the eyes and minds of your future employers, you must know exactly what they are looking for.

With hordes of applicants, employers are spoilt for choice and they want a complete package of education, skills and experience. Here are the topmost things you need to make your mark in the job market:


The work landscape in Australia is rapidly changing and people are becoming more and more skilled. Around 90 percent of new jobs created in the future are likely to require a Vocational Education and Training (VET) or university qualification. So if you’ve set your mind on a specific job, the next step is to find out the right qualification that can equip you with the tools to excel in it. With the relevant education highlighted on your CV, it has a much higher chance of being considered by the employer.

 How to get started with the right education:

Create a checklist of yours skills, your strengths and the job want to apply for. Now see if the job matches your current skillset or if you need further training to improve your prospects. If you’re not sure which course is right for you, book a time and our course consultant will definitely try to help you choose better.



Apart from a qualification, what’s valued in any job today are the personal and people skills. They are highly sought after by the Australian employers who want candidates with the right attitude, outlook and personality traits to represent their organisation.

The top 5 qualities employers seek in Australia are: resilience, reliability, motivation, adaptability and a positive attitude.

The top 5 skills employers want in Australia are: Team Work, Organisational skills, Problem Solving skills, Communication Skills and Creativity.

How to showcase your employability skills:

Map out the skills closest to your personality and highlight them in your CV. Cite examples where you’ve demonstrated these skills and the impact they’ve had in your professional lives. Also, put forth the skills that you would like to develop further and how would you employ them in your preferred job.



Put yourself in the shoes an employer and think what will give you the confidence to hire someone? What will ensure that he or she is the right fit for the role you have in your organisation? While education and skills increase the value of your CV, it’s the experience that gives your future employer the confidence to finally take you on board. The knowledge of having performed similar kind of tasks and excelling in them is an important criteria for your selection. Work experience also gives you contacts and referrals needed to grow further in your career.

How to gain relevant work experience:

Do your bit of research in the job you desire and gain insights into the requirements. Big or small, stay open to all the opportunities in your career path, as they will together lead you to become an inevitable asset for your future employer. You can get valuable experience through - Work experience placements, Part-time or casual jobs, Temporary or contract jobs, Apprenticeships or traineeships, Internships and even Volunteering.

Now that you know what the employers in Australia are looking for, get yourself the right education, the required skill set and the relevant experience needed to get the job you have always wanted.


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