How to get work from home jobs in Australia?

01 09 2021 by TRIPTI KAKKAR

In the last two years the world has literally changed. Our lives are now divided between pre pandemic and post pandemic era. Following this huge change, the work culture has also transformed. It’s not just work anymore, it is work from home. It’s the new norm and looking at all the benefits around cost, efficiency and productivity, it’s here to stay for a long time.

In Australia, the place agnostic professions and professionals both are thriving. If you too are looking for a job where you can work from home, doing a nationally recognised course can help you make the move faster and in the right direction. You can speak to our expert and get more information on which course will be best for you.


  1. E-Commerce Retail Manager
    E-commerce retail managers are responsible for overseeing a company’s online sales – strategising new ways of maximising product exposure, increasing online conversions, and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. The core skills needed for this role are effective communication and customer relationship management. An experience of web analytics, e-mail marketing and web content is also highly valued in this profile.

    Our nationally accredited qualification, Diploma of Social Media Marketing can help you get started as an E-Commerce Retail Manager and work from home.
  2. Transcriber
    Transcribers create a written record of audible conversations, voice recordings, and video recordings – transforming the content into clear, properly-formatted sentences and paragraphs. Such professionals are typically in demand among businesses, as written content is often consumed and understood faster and more easily than audio. Excellent literacy skills and a solid grasp of word processing tools are mandatory for a Transcriber. 

    Certificate III in Business is our nationally recognised course, that can help you get started as a Transcriber and work from home.
  3. Digital Marketing Specialist
    These specialists create a voice for the brand and its products and services in the digital world. They are responsible for creation of online marketing and social media content; overseeing campaign performance and analysing results; researching current and upcoming market trends; and boosting SEO among their business’ online content. To succeed they need robust knowledge of marketing techniques and social media advertising.

    Our nationally recognised course that can help you get started as a Digital Marketing Specialist and work from home is, The Diploma of Social Media Marketing.
  4. Virtual Assistant
    Virtual assistants are responsible for executing administrative tasks similar to personal assistants, with the key difference of doing their work completely online. To become a successful Virtual Assistant, one requires excellent writing, computer, and research skills; exceptional organisation; and experience with administrative tasks. Day-to-day responsibilities could include responding to e-mails or business inquiries; scheduling events or arranging deliveries; placing calls on behalf of the company; and creating charts, presentations and other documents. 

    Our nationally recognised course, Certificate III in Business can help you get started as a Virtual Assistant and work from home.
  5. Social Media Manager
    These managers are responsible for creating an impactful presence for a brand; their products and services on popular social channels, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. They must have excellent communication skills and knowledge of the latest trends, technologies and tools in the world of social. Their day to day work includes updating the social channels with new and relevant content for their brand’s audience along with conveying the news, promotions and events. They’re also in charge of tracking and analysing follower insights on each of these platforms, strategising new digital marketing methods to improve results. 

    Diploma Of Social Media Marketing is our nationally accredited qualification that can help you get started as a Digital Marketing Specialist and work from home.

As you look for work from home jobs on different portals, make sure you boost your resume with additional skills, prepare yourself for a remote interview and stay updated with the latest technology to make a mark in the professional world.


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