Top 5 Things To Do Before You Change Your Career.

01 09 2021 by TRIPTI KAKKAR

If the mere thought of doing what you’re doing bores you, even before you begin your day. If you are working and waiting only for your pay check, month after month. If the most exciting part of your day is dreaming of an alternate life. Then it’s time for a change.

The realisation that you’re in the wrong place might take some time, lots of introspection and navigating through loads of confusion. But when it comes, consider it a blessing. No matter what stage of career you’re at, you can always change. It will be hard, but worth it!

Most importantly, you deserve it. To live the life you’re meant to.

Remember to do these 5 things before you change your career:

    Imagine you are successful. Great at what you’re doing. There’s an interview. What would you want to be known for? Get a pen and paper or open the notepad on your phone, list down the things you would love to be said, to be written down, to be celebrated about you. It’s time to know yourself. The better you understand your strengths, the more confident you will be about using these in your next career move. To become what you can be.
    Now that you know where you want to be. Create an action plan to reach there. Think. Do you need to improve your skills? Do you need help in updating your knowledge? Do you have to make relevant connections? Make steps to achieve your goal and make sure you research every step on your way. If you need to speak to an expert, book a free consultation here. Once you find the right path to take, head towards your goal confidently.
    Before you jump into something new, stop and ask yourself once again. Do you want to change your career or is it more to do with change of the current workplace? If you educate yourself further, you can choose to go for a higher role in the same profile. Or make a parallel move. Will it work? You can use your current experience and still change for something similar. So explore your options once again.
    Take time and dig your dream a little deeper. Find out about the industry, about the job opportunities and the required skillset. Connect with people who are or have been in the career of your choice. Know the challenges that could arise in your path. Make your base stronger with the right education that could make it easier to step into a new career. Prepare yourself better and your fears will become your strengths.
    Change is hard, especially when you’ve been at the same place for far too long. Remember, change is also the only constant thing. It’s the key to your growth, both professionally and personally. If you are in love with what you do, excited to wake up every day and wait for Mondays, you’re being true to your talent and ambition. No one else can give you this sense of joy and fulfilment. Only you can do it for yourself. And believe it, you can.

    Make sure to check these boxes, before you change your career. Think about your goal, evaluate your options, leave your fears, accept your challenges and work on your strengths. It’s not going to be easy, but the right education can get you where you deserve to be.


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